We recognise that you are unique, one of a kind, and that's what makes us all special.

Therefore, there are no two formulations the same, because they are handmade from scratch just for you!

Our products are not made from bases.  

They are not made in bulk and sitting on store shelves waiting to be purchased.  

We do not start formulating until we have received your order.

Our skincare products are personalised



Clean beauty is defined by products that are mindfully created and produced without any ingredients known or suspected as being toxic. 

Clean beauty products are made with the environment and the health of our bodies in mind.

Clean beauty is being defined by you, the customer, and you are dictating to the beauty industry what you want.  


Restored To Eden is listening.

What is Clean Beauty?


Our Ingredients

Our products are designed to meet your specific needs using nutrient rich plant oils and aromatic essential oils, along with other high performance ingredients to help target your skin's needs.

Every product is professionally formulated to ensure you are receiving products that are blended using safe quantities of each ingredient and also 100% quality unrefined ingredients with no fillers or synthetic ingredients.  We do not use bases to make our products.  They are designed for you from start to finish.  Find our ingredients list here.

We formulate our products to meet your needs

We don't put you in a box, we make the box to fit you.  We call this needs based skincare instead of using the need type method.

We formulate for people who may have medical needs.

These include nut allergies, allergies, sensitivities, hypotension, hypertension, epilepsy, seizure disorders, asthma, kidney problems, hypoglycaemia, diabetes,dermatitis, eczema, rosacea or people about to undergo surgery.

We also formulate for pregnant and breastfeeding or nursing women as well as women who are going through menopause.

With the popularity of essential oils these days it is important to know not all essential oils should be used by women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or nursing mothers and also for people with medical conditions.

Be sure you are using safe quantities of essential oils.

We only use essential oils that are safe and at safe quantities.


Find out a little more about us in this short video

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