Bespoke Skin Questionnaire for DIYer's

If you're a DIY cosmetic blender and would love to know which plant oils and essential oils are best for your skin, you have come to the right place!


You can take our questionnaire...great news! only takes a minute.  


Once you have completed your questionnaire, we will put our magic to work and provide you with your oils list!  This list will include several plant oils that will work best for you and also essential oils.  You can then take this information and make a blend using these oils once you know the safe quantities to use.


Selecting oils to suit your needs is no easy feat, there is a long list of considerations that need to be taken into account in order to select your best oils.  We take into consideration any contraindications (reasons why you can't use a particular essential oil that could be dangerous to you) that you have.  Comedogenic rate is also taken into consideration.  This is the rate at which an oil will clog your pores.  


So before you go slapping just any old "Carrier Oil" on your skin...know which ones are best for your skin conditions!  


VERY IMPORTANT FYI: Please use essential oils wisely.  If you are using 30 drops of essential oil in a 10ml bottle of oil and topping the rest up with carrier oil, you are using WAY too much essential oil.  This is unsafe and one of the many reasons why cosmetic blending is best left to a professional.  There are many contraindications that come with essential oils.  You are best to speak with a professional about the level you should be using in your blends.  If you purchase this quiz, I can help you with the amount of essential oils you should be adding to your DIY formulations.


Australian Customers: if you purchase a product, your questionnaire is automtically included in the purchase price of your oils.

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