our ingredients

our ingredients

We use only natural ingredients, no toxins, no fillers, no greenwashing, this is our guarantee and promise to you.  Everything you need, nothing you don't.  (Find out what greenwashing is here).


Our products are designed to meet your specific needs using nutrient rich plant oils and aromatic essential oils, along with other high performance ingredients to help target your skin's needs.


Every product is professionally formulated to ensure you are receiving products that are blended using safe quantities of each ingredient and also 100% quality unrefined ingredients with no fillers or synthetic ingredients.  We do not use bases to make our products.  They are designed for you from start to finish.  

How much does digital signage cost in Dubai?

The cost of Digital Signage can range from 550 AED to 3000AED. The cost varies from one Digital Signage board to another & depends mostly on video quality like display resolution from low to high pixels.

What is the purpose of digital signage?

Digital signage uses screens to show messages, ads, or videos to people in public places. It can be used for branding, marketing, or just keeping your customers informed about your products and services.

How do digital signage systems work?

Digital signage systems project images using projectors or flat-panel displays. These are often hung on the wall mounted on poles, attached to the ceiling, or placed in commercial windows. You can find screens in places like schools or restaurants, waiting rooms or airports, stores or malls - anywhere people congregate.

What is a digital signage platform?

Digital signage platform is a centrally managed, content distribution platform that lets you playback digital content on several screens or displays. It can be used in a variety of businesses like: retail stores, restaurants, malls and hospitals.

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